10 Questions you should ask your interviewer

  11th August 2017       Michelle Turner
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Being interviewed isn’t just about the company finding out more about you.  Asking your own intelligent and well thought out questions shows your interest in the position and the company, asking questions gives you an active role in the interview and lets you steer the interview into areas where you shine.

At your next interview, try these 10 questions to help you stand out from the crowd.

“What type of growth and advancement opportunities does this position and the company offer?”

This tells the interviewer that you have a long-term vision for your professional
future and that you’re not just looking for a pay cheque; you’re looking to
secure a career.

“How do you see me benefiting the company?”

Finding out why you were selected out of possibly hundreds of other candidates gives
you a chance to expand on the qualities that caught their eye, further making
the case for your hire.

“What exactly are the job responsibilities?”

Job ads usually list the general areas of responsibility for a position. It’s
always good to confirm what the actual duties will be. You don’t want to start
your new job as an engineer and find out you’re responsible for the weekly
doughnut run.

“What would my first project be if I’m hired?”

This will give you a specific idea of what you can expect when you walk into the
office that first day after being hired. It also can give you a heads up as to
what will be expected of you, allowing you to build on those attributes during
the interview.

“Who will evaluate me if I’m hired?”

Ask this question, and you’ll discern the company and departmental structure under
which you will be working. For instance, will you report directly to the vice
president or will there be a succession of middle managers between you?

“Are continuing education and professional training supported?”

This shows your willingness to learn new skills and adapt to new challenges or
initiatives. Adaptability is very important in today’s changing economy and
could be key to retaining your job in a reorganisation.

“What is the company’s culture?”

This will reveal those “intangibles” of a company that have nothing to do
with professional experience or required education. If you need a traditional,
office/cube environment to stay focused and get the job done, a more
creativity-driven workplace which allows music streaming from computers, nerf
hoop tournaments and ultra-flexible schedules may not be conducive to your

“Why did you choose this company?”

Hearing why a current employee opted to work at the firm can give you some insight into
some of the strengths and opportunities within the organisation.

“When will a decision be made on the successful candidate?”

Knowing this helps you determine the timing of your interview follow-up activities.

“May I contact you if I have other questions?”

It’s always good to wrap up the interview with this question. It keeps the door open
for further communication, giving you one last chance to make your case.


Michelle Turner

Recruitment Consultant

Michelle works alongside Charmaine sourcing superstars in the realms of Information Technology! Michelle is driven by her passion and dedication to delivering IT recruitment services in an ethical manner to both candidates and employers. Some of her key accomplishments include improving staff retention levels, reducing recruitment overheads for the long-term …

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